Y.E.S. The Hunted #2


The visibility is nearly zero from the dense fog of the jungle as a dedicated man struggles through it. The Man’s name is Anthony and he is carrying a very coveted and priceless egg, yet right now the only thing he cares of is making it back home to his family.

Alex Thompson, Marc Olivent

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 20

What It's About

But someone is pursuing Anthony and he fear it”s for his egg which he knows most men would still or even kill to get their hand on. Who is after Anthony and what are his intentions? Will Anthony get out of the jungle known as Mist Forest? Find out in this issue of Yurken Enforcer Squad.

Riley Cutlass is a young warrior who must save the universe from a demonic species called manzou. Taking place in the future about 100 years from now an enormous earthquake will hit, killing almost all life, and in the process reshape the Earth leaving one mega-continent. Earth is virtually uninhabited and at the same time, a magical species with untold power and abilities appeared on earth. The species is a dinosaur-like animal called yurken. It has been millennia since yurkens appeared and humans have repopulated themselves. But after many years a murderous race known as manzou have come to claim yurkens for their power and Riley must rely on his own yurken and mentor to stop them.

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