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Year Of The Goat: Pestilence #1

Variant Cover Available

Young Pan Marduck has been in trouble for petty crimes in the past but now finds himself a gunman in a bank robbery. A set-up, he nearly escapes with his life only to wake up in a police station, confronted by two of LCPD’s finest. After a heated exchange, he is brought up on lesser charges and receivedeighty hours community service in the Kings Zoo of Las Vegas.

JT Rittwage

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24

Pestilence takes place years after the original Series. The GOATPOCALYPSE is now. Fully evolved goats walk, talk and have eliminated more of the human race. The series explores the hard life and lack of opportunity found in rough, grimy, crime-filled city streets. Some aspects of the series will resemble the future (goats are equipped with prosthetic robotic hands), while some resembles 1970’s detective show (interrogation scene in the police station).

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