Worgard: Viking Berserkir #2


The strongest of the Viking berserkir warriors, Worgard, having been forced into war against his Norse brethren, has seemingly won the freedom to seek a new life free of the wanton dark deeds and bloodshed of his past, but now faces his enraged brother, Ragnar, who is determined to slay him for this act of rebellion against their fallen comrades.

Sean Patty

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 32

What It's About

Creator Sean Patty’s acclaimed fantasy/adventure comics series for mature readers, WORGARD: VIKING BERSERKIR, returns in this new remastered edition from BATTLEGROUND VICTORY. Also, Eurasian archeress Ranhee returns with Kibo the wolf-dog. Detailed ink/tonal artwork highlight this fantasy/adventure comic book series from creator Sean Patty, whose epic vision of the Dark Ages chronicles the life and death of Worgard, the greatest of the Viking berserkir warriors. “Highly personal Dark-Age drama.” -The Comics Buyer’s Guide.
Format Clear
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