Wonderfunders Anthology Vol2 #1



Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

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What It's About

Five stories from five different writers are presented in a true variety of styles. Variety is the spice of life. In this, the inaugural issue of Wonderfunders Anthology Volume 2, we get a taste of that variety. We hope you enjoy meeting some writers and artists in combinations that surprise and delight you. WonderFunders is comic creation by way of an all-volunteer, democratic group. Each of the 17 five-page stories in the Volume 2 Anthology was completed by a team whose members chose to work alongside one another. WonderFunders is far more interested in facilitating creativity than dictating how it’s done. By putting teams together for 5 pages, we allow different artists and writers at different levels of expertise to mingle, and to create unique pieces. These combinations help all the participants grow their skills, reach new plateaus in collaboration and understanding, and give birth to stories that might not otherwise ever make it to a finished page. This results in a synergy of creation unlike that seen in any other comics publication. We are the most democratic and communal entity out there (that we know of) creating comics together.
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