Watchguard #0


Charlie McElvy, Andy Smith, Elmer Santos, Steve Dutro

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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What It's About

Charlie McElvy Andy Smith Elmer Santos Steve Dutro

Standard Comic: Full ColorCover Type: 70# GlossPage Count: 24Ka-Blam Ad: YES- Back Cover

An odd, unexplained super-villain heist takes place in Summit City and a small cadre of unaffiliated heroes jump into the fray to save civilians and property as much as possible. Will they succeed? If so, what then? And what’s this all about…? Rapid-paced action, fun superheroics, and more questions than answers abound in this initial launch.

This is where the WatchGuard Universe begins…! Soon to come: Spider-Squirrel, Milestone, Bluechip & the NEW Teen Force 5, Alpha-Elite, and more!

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