Warriors Of Sub-Terra #1


Reggie Golden

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

What It's About

Clan Solenopsis has kept the peace in Sub-Terra for many cycles through beneficial co-existence with the other clans, but the mysterious and reclusive clan Polyergus has of late been expanding its borders in an attempt to upset the status quo. Motivated by vengeance for an injury received in a previous encounter with captain Omega of the Solenopsis, the Polyergus commander, Animalis is determined to make Omega and the entire Solenopsis clan pay. Sub-Terra is an underground domain beneath the territories of Supra-Terram and Malum-Terras. It is part of a world inhabited by various humanoid races, monsters and unseen deities who control the elements as it suits their moods. This ever changing environment is harsh and unforgiving, and life is a precarious game of survival. In the midst of this turmoil are two warrior clans, the Solenopsis and the Polyergus, who have been engaged in a lengthy war for control of Sub-Terra. But there are forces which were set in motion at the inception of both clans, that links them, and will ultimately determine each of their fates.

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