Voluntaryist #1


Jaime L, Rob Dumo, Adam Metcalfe, Garrett Trujillo

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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What It's About

This special edition of Issue 1 brings together the first several shorts for Voluntaryist, the Comic Series from the crowd-source fundraisers on Indiegogo. It combines content from Issues 1 & 2, the Voluntaryists versus the TSA short, as well as a special art piece of the Voluntaryist universe by Garrett Trujillo and Adam Metcalfe. ISSUE STORY: Jack Lloyd, a.k.a. Voluntaryist, must navigate through a protesting crowd in New York City to locate crucial data on the government’s sinister schemes. Little does Voluntaryist know that the government has other plans for this anti-government gathering. Several characters of the series are also introduced with 1-page insights detailing how each utilizes his/her powers. BACKGROUND: “Voluntaryist” is a superhero who finds himself pitted against the government as the government tries to enslave humanity once and for all. He is a young man with extraordinary powers created through a chance encounter with cosmic radiation. His personal mission is to rescue his parents from government agents, but that objective is often frustrated with the likes of giant monsters, super-villains, and even the U.S. armed forces.
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