Virus Rising #2


K.M. Heyward

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

What it's About

The pack embarks on their first mission — to recruit dogs like them in the fight against the virus. While some valuable members are added to the team, not everyone is so eager to be packmates with Wreck. Before the dogs have time to analyze the pit bull's suspicious behavior, their sewer base is suddenly invaded by unwanted visitors… A deadly virus that deteriorates the brain is wiping out the city. Armed with enhanced stamina, uncontrollable rage, and insanity, an infected canine turns against its captors and flees to the streets. Left to his own agenda, Katzbalger spreads the infection and builds up a pack bent upon slaughtering humans and 'impure' dogs alike for the sake of evolution. A small group of street dogs have banded together in a struggle for survival, and those few with a natural immunity to the virus stand as the only defense against devastation.
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