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Victors #1

James Lynch, Greg Horn

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

As more and more new would-be superheroes pour into their home, the founding member of this generation of the Victors do their best to cope. As Pete gives tours, Cary does her best to cope with some judgmental new teammates, Rodney and Nichael actually show up for a meeting, and Sarah’s been feeling the squeeze as the rest of the superhero community bears down on her, demanding answers. Someone, or something, has been going after criminals with extreme prejudice, regardless of the degree of offense, and the attacker’s M.O. has many worried that it could be one of the Victors. Spinning out of the world established by the acclaimed one-shot “Bliss: The World’s Greatest Superhero,” Victors is an ongoing team superhero book in the vein of the Justice League cartoons. Eight months have passed since the events of “Bliss,” and the team has done their best to carry on. With an ever-expanding roster of diverse superheroes, the Victors should be on the top of their game. But sometimes the past refuses to stay buried, and with so many new faces in their home, could the Victors’ worst threat be one of their own?



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