Vegas Baby #1


C.R. Ward, Sean Hill, Luca Cicchitti, Davide Tinto, Jason Farmer, Adam Wollet

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

What It's About

Vegas takes a commission to retrieve an item from a dangerous foe. It all goes according to plan…until it doesn’t.

Las vegas is a fast city, full of fast money and fast women. Such is the home of Vegas Baby, a man of high-intellect, cat reflexes, a mean right cross and an arsenal of self-made high-tech tools. He is the resident bad-ass of the city of sin. No matter the odds, he’s all in if the money is right. He is “The Architect of the Improbable”. Hailed as a hero to the general public, Vegas Baby’s garnered the reputation as a new age Robin Hood taking down corruption and empowering the poor. The people love him, he get’s the job done. He does what they can’t do and they are proud of him. But would they love him the same if they knew how he really operated? How would they feel if they knew how down and dirty he really gets? Is his kind of justice really worth the money? Vegas goes after the people that feel they are above the law, the untouchables, the power in the shadows, the true scum of the Earth and he sends them straight to hell in high-tech fashion. That is, if the price is right.

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