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Vector The Floating World #1 | IndyPlanet
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Vector The Floating World #1


An immigrant from Earth to a space colony arrives after a journey of over a hundred years smuggling VERY valuable cargo. As soon as he sets foot on Vesta Colony he’s the object of a hunt by more than one interested party. Powerful people want what he has and will do anything to get it.

John Nadeau

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count:28

What It's About

Vesta Colony is light-years from Earth. Though the colonies have spent hard centuries establishing a foothold and a unique identity away from the home planet, Earth continues to command influence, not only in the immigrants it sends to the colonies but in the treasures that the colonies continue to covet. What will be the Vector of mankind’s continued expansion into space? Will it be clinging to the old cultures, recycling them? Or will the colonies- separated from Earth- be the vanguard of mankind’s expansion into the galaxy?

Format Clear
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