Vandora Zandra #4


Vandora is faced with a lifeand death decision that brings to the fore yet another of her surprising alien powers. A grand jury investigation is cut short and the authorities are taken on an action-packed ride by a sociopath with a significant work ethic. Vandora finds herself in the arms of yet another turn of events that require her to use her wits, not her powers, to survive.

Darlene Pettiford, Anthony Brown

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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What It's About

Vandora Zandra is, generally, a normal teenager with a mom, younger siblings, school, boyfriend, and all of the stresses you might expect. Vandora greatly misses her dad who has been MIA for the past year. So many coming of age-type decisions to make that get far more complicated because he isn’t in the picture. Oh, wait! Did we mention that Dad is an extra-terrestrial? The impact of her mixed genetic heritage makes it all the more difficult for Vandora to establish a role for herself in our confusing world.

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