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Vamp Nation From Outer Space #3


The group runs down a lead about an item that Thoth has been searching for, which leads them to a night club across town. Shortly after entering the club, Thoth encounters his old adversary Angus, who happens to be wearing the item around his neck. The chase begins, as Angus leads the group through a series of tunnels and eventually the subway.

Jason Dyjak, Ted Lody

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

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What It's About

Vampires have walked among us, dancing on the edge of darkness for millennia. Their ancient society obscured by shadow, constantly manipulating the fate of mortals to advance their secret agenda. For millennia Vampire Hunters have kept the balance between darkness and light, locked in an eternal struggle against denizens of shadow, who prey on the mortal world.

Format Clear
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