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Twilight Grimm #2

Variant Editions Available

Twilight Grimm’s origin is revealed with Father Serra tells Suzi-Q the story. Meanwhile, plots and counter-plots are made that can destroy the delicate peace of Hallowed Heights.

R.A. Jones, Rob Davis, Mickey Clausen, Mike W. Belcher

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Twenty years ago, the city of Hallowed Heights was nearly destroyed as the result of warfare between humans and vampires. In its aftermath, the two factions forged a most unusual peace plan. A high and heavily guarded wall now splits the two sides of the city. On one side of the wall reside the middle and upper classes of humans. It is clean, beautiful and safe.

On the other side of the wall, where a teenaged petty thief named Suzi Q has just been exiled, lies the darkest and most horrible ghetto imaginable. Here, amidst squalor and vice, dwell the poor, the homeless, the forgotten.

And the vampires, led by the family of Gregor Radovic.

As long as the vampires stay on their side of the wall, the humans on the other side are willing to pretend they don’t exist and let them rule over this so-called Blood Zone as they see fit. This includes turning a blind eye as the vampires feast upon the Zone’s human inhabitants.

Amidst rumors that the long-held truce may be unraveling, there is no human law in the Blood Zone — save for that dispensed by a mysterious and violent young man who has appointed himself its sole guardian from the depredations of the vampires.


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