Trigger Mortis Pinup A


Pin-ups inspired by Derec Donovan’s western zombie apocalypse Trigger Mortis. Featuring artwork from some of comics’ top talent!

Derec Donovan, Mitch Byrd, Steven Butler, Dan Panosian, Andy Kuhn, Karl Moline, Jeff Moy, and more!

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24


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What It's About

1876: on the eve of Colorado gaining statehood, rancher Sarah Mc’Clintock has hired a pair of Pinkertons to protect her family’s ranch from the ever present threat of Cattle Rustlers. She soon finds herself caught in a love triangle between her old flame, Deputy Dylan Hawkes, and mysterious Gunhand Seamus O’Donnell. Until a zombie plague comes crashing to Earth, spreading like wildfire and threatening the unsuspecting citizens. Can the living band together to defend the town of Devil’s Lantern from the army of the walking dead?

Format Clear
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