Trials of the Samurai Clown #1


The Hunt begins for Samurai Clown, Keep your eyes peeled as the Ring Master sends his minions after one lone Samurai.

Brian Proctor, Jason Bullock

Standard Comic
Black and White
Twenty Pages

What It's About

The circus loved and enjoyed by millions around the world. It is secretly an undercover organization of assassins for hire. Ashamed and disgusted with the things he has done The Samurai Clown (star performer and top assassin) flees the circus, unknowingly carrying the secret that could expose the entire organization. Permanently tattooing his face so that he will always be reminded of the lives that he has taken, samurai clown flees in order to make some type of amends for his past. Realizing what has happened The Ring Master (Lord and Master of the circus) gives the order to bring their star performer home.

Format Clear
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