Tri-Noble #2


Ana Maria Hendricks

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 36

Format Clear
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Oguri on his quest to prove his brothers innocence starts to see strange things on their trip. A mysterious cloaked figure has begun to show herself and Oguri finds that his path he”s been walking is becoming steadily steeped in shadow. The one true thing he holds dear, maybe in more peril than he thought to believe. While enemies seem to be springing out at every turn. The shadows themselves seem to have a plan of their own.

Oguri is told by his Emperor that his brother is suspected of being a traitor and is given the choice to prove his brother’s innocense or let the sentence stand for execution. The only way that he could do this quickly is to become bait to catch the true traitor in the forest of Silence. But even evil can hide in plain sight and Oguri has become the target for a higher staked game.

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