Tol'asha And The Trial Of The Hoarder #2


Tol’Asha is an Immortal called into Existence by the mysterious Voice. Blessed with amazing power bestowed on her by the Stars, she is on a quest to create a vessel to challenge the indomitable might of the Cosmic Dragons. With the aid of friends, Immortal and mortal alike, Tol’Asha embarks on an epic journey like nothing before.

Wilson Lee Jr, Steven Scott

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 16

Tol’Asha finds herself face to face with the meanest Immortal of all-time, The Hoarder. Like all Immortals, The Hoarder has a unique power—the Keeper of the Hoard. This power allows him to keep anything that dares to enter his realm. Nothing can leave his planet without his permission, no being, no item…he can even hoard your powers rendering all within his power, powerless. This coupled with his coarse personality makes him arguably the most difficult Immortal to deal with. Tol’Asha will learn that strength alone cannot solve all her problems.

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