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Time Spanners #1

(1 customer review)

John Vourlis, Jaime Lombardo, Brendan Kelly

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

The nefarious Niles Ferris begins his evil quest for world domination, plotting to commit one of the most dastardly deeds in American history. Clayton Murray, Margaret Moran, and Fujiro Isaki, three of the scientists who inadvertently helped Ferris create the time travel technology he is using to wreak havoc, are in hot pursuit. Can they find Ferris before it’s too late? Can they stop him from committing a terrible atrocity? Or will they be too late to prevent him from changing the course of world events forever? Find out in the premier Issue of Time Spanners.

What if history didn’t repeat itself? What if it actually got worse? What if through misguided meddling and malevolent manipulation, the course of human history, once destined to rise upward towards Utopia, was suddenly and terrifyingly driven downward into war, oppression, and chaos? And what if one man was responsible? That is the inspiration behind TIME SPANNERS—a classically speculative science fiction comic that each issue will tell the ongoing adventures of a team of scientists from the future who have been forced to hunt down the mad genius who stole their time travel technology and is using it to alter the course of history for his own personal gain.


1 review for Time Spanners #1

  1. kkitamorn (verified owner)

    Time Spanners hooks you by dropping you right into the action and then doles out more details as you read on. Issue 1 leaves you with the right balance of closure and cliffhanger, interested in the characters and eager to find out what will happen next! Fans of time travel, historical fiction or alternative history will enjoy Time Spanners. Looking forward to Issue 2!

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