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Tiger On The Storm #3

Valerie Finnigan, Richard O’Hara

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 20

Mid-February, 1991, the war in Iraq is heating up. Saddam Hussein’s forces resort to “desperate and evil” measures like targeting civilians, parading prisoners of war on television, and dumping crude oil into the Persian Gulf. The USAF 23rd TFW is also having a tougher time, having just lost a pilot to an uncertain fate. Still, wing commander Col. David Sawyer keeps it together.

The pace of the war picks up, and with it the frustrations and tribulations endured by the 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing and their wing commander, Col. David Sawyer. Based on the journal of the late Maj. Gen. David Sawyer, Tiger on the Storm is a comic book miniseries honoring the US Air Force 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing and their service in Operation: Desert Storm.



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