Threads #4


Chris Sipes, Amanda Sipes

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 12

What It's About

Threads 4 of 4 Zachary is confronted with the news of his parents’ death, and now he is forced to leave town only to be confronted with,The Man! He will reveal the long kept secrets of Mrs. Georgia and identity of The Evil 8 as he prepares for a battle with his lifelong rival. The long journey that lies ahead is uncovered as Threads is now faced with the truth about Mrs. Georgia, his parents, and …..his life. Nothing will ever be the same! Will Threads embrace these new found truths and use them to fuel his rage and face his enemies, or will it break him causing doubt and confusion and leading to the demise of him and his cause?

Zachary Matthew Dearths wasn’ always seeking vengeance. In the beginning, he was a normal teenager with hopes and dreams similar to his peers, but then he encountered the chaos that would lead him to his future self….THREADS. His world tail spins out of control as he struggles to maintain a normal life, and then he is greeted by “the suit”. Zachary was also faced with bullies, turmoil, and violence. Threads seeks vengeance for the past that he is confronted with, and on behalf of the people he has loved the most. Threads carries the past with him on his face, but he has created a new face. It is the face of vengeance and vengeance is his!

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