Them Mighty Averagers Punch Nazis


Them Might Averagers Punch Nazis in this collection of classic World War II comics!

Spike Brown, Charles Biro, Bob Wood, S.M. Iger, Frank Borth, Omar Tahan, Bob Powell, Chuck Winter, George Tsuka, L.B. Cole, Omar Tahan

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 100

What It's About

Conventional crusaders and moderate masked marvels use their uncommon skills to assault the Axis Powers! Joining the ranks are War Nurse, Cosmo, Kismet, Madame Strange, Sky Commando, Pat Patriot, Doll Man, Kangaroo Man, Spider Widow, Lady Satan, Blonde Bomber, Black Venus, The Flame, The Avenger, and Agent ZX-5!

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