Them Mighty Averagers Earth’s Mediocre Heroes


Elsa Lesau, Bert Bushell, Michael Blake, Dennis Reader, Arthur Cazeneuve, Larry Horak, Richard Hughes, Bert Bushell, Ross Mendes, Jerry Lazare, Bud Webster, Mort Meskin, Pierce Rice, Ken Battefield, Gus Ricca, Ray Thayer

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 100

What It's About

Them Might Averagers: Earth’s Mediocre Heroes! Decent defenders like Spider-Queen, Tomboy, Jet Fury, Blackwing, Kitty Kelly, Guy Gorham, Phantom Maid, Phantom Raider, Captain Atlas, Nitro, The Face, The Zebra, The Woman In Red, The Black Knight, The Polka-Dot Pirate, plus Target and the Targeteers!

There came an age unlike any other, the Golden Age, where some second-hand so-so superheroes soared into obscurity! Them Might Averagers: Earth’s Mediocre Heroes!

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