The Vortex Of 285 #1


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In the first issue of The Vortex of 285 it is three days before Quentin’s sophomore year in high school. In his freshman year he was captain of the varsity basketball team, popular and extremely arrogant. Once his older, gang affiliated brother was incarcerated, Quentin no longer had the muscle to back up his prideful ways. So the for the rest of the school year and through out summer break, Quentin has been the outcast for the first time in his life. As the summer winds down, Quentin is confronted by rivals of his older brother’;s gang and discovers that he has “unique” abilities. That same day, there is a man in Atlanta preparing to debut his plan to keep the “riff-raff” from entering this new, more lucrative Atlanta metropolitan. 285 is the interstate that circles the city of Atlanta, Georgia. As Atlanta starts building toward becoming a more profitable city, many of it’;s economically impoverished residents are pushed further out of the 285 circumference. Jobs, resources and hope are far and few between; which leads to a perfect mix of all kinds of troubling statistics. Quentin Bailey is a teen in the west side of Atlanta that has been given an opportunity to lend a helping hand to the many lost souls in The Vortex of 285! Atlanta will never be the same! Done with no computer program. Strictly pencil, ink and markers.
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