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The Vegetable Wars #2

Greg Hiatt, Peter W. Caton

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 16

Enter the nightmare. Mad Scientist’;s nefarious plan for world domination continues. The tension is thick in the air. Anxiety. Anticipation, trickle down the spine of everyone watching these gruesome events unfold. Events, unspeakable in every aspect. Every shadow and flavor, tainted by the foul, filth of X. It has been six days since Mad Scientist gave the vegetables life. Six days… and we are now on the seventh. Awaiting feverishly what will emerge from the old armory. Come now, take my hand and witness these terrible events for yourself. Behold the terror. The madness. Live this nightmare with us all!

There is a simple place. A simple town. Called Town. Town’;s history is bold. Brave. Mired in tragedy. Chaos. Beauty and simplicity. From alien invasions, to robot attacks, Town has seen it all. The Vegetable Wars is but a stunning chapter in Town’;s harrowing history. Witness the Vegetable Wars unfold as Mad Scientist unleashes his vegetable army on the people of Town. As the vegetable army marches on, blood and mayhem ensure. Heroes are born. Heroes die. Vegetables fight. Vegetables fry. All for the single minded goal of ultimate world domination.



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