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The Vegetable Wars #1

(1 customer review)

Greg Hiatt, Peter W. Caton

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 16

Mad Scientist creates his elixir of X, mutating, animating simple, ordinary garden vegetables into crazed, militant armies ready for the kill. Read on as John Narrator, Town narrator, uncovers the nefarious tale of Mad Scientist and his vegetable wars.

There is a simple place. A simple town. Called Town. Town’;s history is bold. Brave. Mired in tragedy. Chaos. Beauty and simplicity. From alien invasions, to robot attacks, Town has seen it all. The Vegetable Wars is but a stunning chapter in Town’;s harrowing history. Witness the Vegetable Wars unfold as Mad Scientist unleashes his vegetable army on the people of Town. As the vegetable army marches on, blood and mayhem ensure. Heroes are born. Heroes die. Vegetables fight. Vegetables fry. All for the single minded goal of ultimate world domination.


1 review for The Vegetable Wars #1

  1. catwantsin (verified owner)

    Creators – Greg Hiatt, Peter W. Caton
    16 Pages – Full Color
    Hook – Tonight – The Vegetables Rise To Conquer!
    Art – I love the art on this thing. The panels are very non-conforming driven by well-crafted angles and superb lighting choices. The characters are rich dynamic and engaging.
    Writing – I really like the fact that we are given a cool intro and we have a narrator speaking to the reader. The story flows nicely and premise wise there is nothing tough to sort through here (at least not in this issue). I do feel that for an intro this 16 page issue packs a punch, but I really feel most comics should reach a 20 to 24 page minimum, but this should not be a cause to avoid this comic.
    Overall – Now under the banner Moon Comics I could not be more excited about this refreshing and bizarrely fun title, can’t wait to read more.

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