The Vampire Of The Lost Highway Resurrection #1


For over 200 years, residents of Fort Hawke County have encountered an unusual phenomenon with large black wings. He is cursed to fly up and down a certain road to help those in need. To some, he is a creature of the unknown, to some a friend and to others a dark force. But to everyone, he is known as – the Vampire of the Lost Highway.

Don Everett Smith Jr., Kurt Belcher, Silas Dixon

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 40

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It’s the early 1920s and the Vampire flies to the rescue of Esther Dare, the only female pilot in Fort Hawke County. Her biplane is experiencing engine failure and is seconds from crashing into the Lost Highway below. Can the Vampire save the day? Find out! In the second story, a thief is stranded in an abandoned motel as the terrifying Candle Man stalks him. It is a life and death situation, and there’s no escape. Come meet the Candle Man, the newest creature of the night.


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