The Vamping #1


Jarrod L. Dodson,Ivica Sretenovic

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 12

Format Clear
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As the team fights vampire-like creatures known as the Shadowpires, Jordan runs into a new enemy. His best friend. Jordan is a Celebrity Youtuber of the channel COMICFIRE7 and this is his first comic book series.

If you found a way to eliminate a potential treat, but had to risk your own life to do it….would you? Jordan and a group of rag tag creature-killers are on a mission to do such a thing. Alongside Jordan is Mister Ducky, his friend and sidekick to help stop a horde of hungry, evil creatures know as SHADOWPIRES who are hell bent on ruling the world. It”s up to Jordan and his kick-ass team to stop this menace and to prevent.

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