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The Trial of The Dark Nebula


Tad Pietrzykowski, Glenn Lumsden, Jason Paulos

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 48

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What It's About

In ‘Origins’ Australian Astronaut Mark Medula overcame the alien Cerellus from the planet Caileu to become The Dark Nebula. Now, in the fourth Dark Nebula collection, Cerellus’ people have come for him, only to find a human in his place & Cerellus a disembodied force within Mark’s mind. For this affront Medula is taken to Caileu to be placed on trial. With The Dark Nebula out of the way, Earth is ripe for the Caileuans plans of colonisation. It’s a no-win situation…but if The Dark Nebula falls, Earth won’t be too far behind! Born of woman, reborn of Death & tempered in the fires of realms beyond human comprehension. A champion of life with power beyond description. Hosting the spirit of a dormant alien warlord, Mark Medula is The Dark Nebula! Order 5 copies or more and get 25% off on this book! Great deal for re-sellers! (Discount shows up at checkout.)
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