The Theonauts #7


Stephan Izhorian

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

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What It's About

After the discovery of their new teammate in France, the Theonauts decide to stop in Belgium to take some much needed rest for the night. Would the Theonauts finally be able to relax? It does not seem so, when Melina discovers her teammates missing. Hours later, she traces the Theonauts’ scent to a mysterious pirate ship. How did the Theonauts get there? Will they have to walk the plank? And who is the strange young man they were last seen with? A new friend, or possibly a new foe, will make his début in “The Theonauts #7: Toxic Treason”. Bringing elements from all major mythologies of the world, “The Theonauts”, a multilingual epic that will take the reader to an entirely new world filled with action, adventure and magic. The story follows the journey of Ashraf Amun, an average young boy whose fantastic, yet dangerous, destiny links his reality to a world of monsters, mythical beasts and ancient gods, that few have ever encountered before. “The Theonauts” will bring to life the world of folklore and mythology right before your very eyes. Ashraf Amun is not the most dedicated student; however, we quickly discover that what he lacks in his scholastic abilities, he makes up for with his courage and bravery protecting the ones he loves from the forces of Chaos.
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