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The Theonauts #5

Stephan Izhorian

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

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Bringing elements from all major mythologies of the world, “The Theonauts” is a multilingual epic that will take the reader to an entirely new world filled with action, adventure and magic. The story follows the journey of Ashraf Amun, an average young boy whose fantastic, yet dangerous, destiny links his reality to a world of monsters, mythical beasts and ancient gods, that few have ever encountered before.

As Queen Void and her evil minions try to locate the next Olympian, two sisters, who were once best friends, grew to become bitter enemies in a tragic battle for power. Sibling rivalry occurs in all families, but these psychic sisters take it to the next level. Not only does this sister want her older sister”s powers and psychic abilities, she also wants her body and beauty, which she plans to take by force if necessary. How far will her power-hungry sister go to get what she wants? Will jealousy and avarice destroy their bond as sisters forever? And what will become of the next Olympian?



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