The Starving Artist Gizmo


Gizmo tries his best to get into the art field in hopes to live off his art. As most artist knows it is not easy and sometimes you need help from friends. Randomly one day a voice tells him to create an imaginary friend to help him out. So… he does and it is not exactly who he thought it would be. That day Bunny was created! Although he seems to be more in the way than anything. Will Gizmo make his artwork? Will bunny help or just keep asking for free art? can imaginary friend create imaginary friends?…. yes yes they can.

Steven Lisefski

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 48

This is the beginning of, the artist Gizmo’s, story and the creation of Bunny his imaginary friend. Even with plan sorta set out life finds a way to disrupt things. From computers crashing, moving, or just even lack of sleep. Although not all is bad in gizmo life. He does get some new pets and some other imaginary friends along the way. Come read as Gizmo and the comic it self-finds its place in the art world with a few laughs.

Format Clear
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