The Space Safarians #2


The Space Safarians, a team of super-powered mammals who defend their world called Mammalon from extraterrestrial threats and bring order to the galaxy!

Mark Hill

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 78

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What It's About

Starhyon Science Officer Kyrel Kat, was sent on a top secret mission by the science council of his world to recover crucial lost data files concerning the usage of the of the otherworldly Zeta ore. Meanwhile the cosmic warlord Mon-Grel begins his campaign of destruction by decimating Starhyon, wiping out nearly all of the populace of the planet. Kyrel Kat, returns home to witness the aftermath of what happened to Starhyon only to be given a new mission, cosmic powers and identity by the ancient warrior known as Merkurhon. Reborn as Cosmic Cat his new mission: Avenge Starhyon and destroy Mon-Grel

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