The Sire #08


Michael Dolce, Kris Carter

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

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What It's About

Donald Wright was simply a nobody. Overlooked and overshadowed by those around him, he coasted through life under the radar…until one fateful day, when he came into contact with an alien force known as the Councel. Now, infused with the Councel”s energies, he is the Sire, a superhero forced by his costume to carry out the creature”s mission: Find others like him that have been transformed into super-humans and do battle. If they prove worthy, let them keep their new found abilities. If they do not, use the power of the costume to take them back. All this, while trying to salvage what”s left of his once normal, mundane life.

The Sire has unwillingly gone toe-to toe with several super-humans, most recently the ex-military man known as Cutthroat. In doing so Don has exhausted his leeway with his boss, Walter Mason and was hastily let go from his job at WNBU Studios. In an attempt to get his life sorted out, he”s taken up his movie star brother”s offer to come to Hollywood with former boss (and unrequited love of his life) J.J. Waterston to check him out on the set of his latest feature film…ironically enough, entitled The Sire.

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