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The Shard Of Heart: The Illustrated Healing Story


Pet loss is a difficult topic for many, with a healing process that very few understand unless they too have been there. Rescuers of animals often face the worst of humanity for a love, and understanding few might recognize. In this richly illustrated small book is a small facet of the other realm they might reside in. How their interconnections with our lives seemingly never cease, we explore the possible guiding of events in our lives by them while we grieve. A depth we will understand someday, but not yet.


Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 8

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What It's About

An illustrated healing story of pet loss, the journey of going over the rainbow bridge by a pet ferret. The precious heart shard from their owner, they take with them, guarded by tiny warriors in spirit form. The otherworldly realm and the possible interconnections of our pets passed into our lives that we might not otherwise notice. For not all in the realm of the rainbow bridge is what it seems, we will understand someday, but not yet.

Format Clear
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