The Secrets Of Translocation


Amy Wu Donovan

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 48

Format Clear
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Professor Glierce’s Plant Physiology class is well-known as being one of the hardest courses around, but college senior Ellen and her best friend Katie resolve to do their best in it since it’ the final course Ellen needs to graduate. Their end-of-semester assignment? To find a way to obtain as pure phloem content as possible from the alfalfa plant they are given, and keep the plant alive the whole time. But it’s not as easy as sticking a needle in the plant and calling it a day. To make matters worse, their plant becomes infested with aphids, putting their chances of getting a good grade on the project in jeopardy! Ellen and Katie will have to get the aphids off and keep the plant alive—all while trying to figure out a way to pass this assignment for good!

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