The Quiet Town #1


The forces of evil interrupt Kash’s night off. Lives hang in the balance. Still, that’s no reason to stop drinking. A stranger with a secret wanders into town, setting off a series of events that threaten the very fabric of time and space itself.

Josh Howell

Manga Type Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

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Rhueberry is a typical, small American town, except for all the cults, werewolves, Nazi nursing homes, pukwudgies, sexually violent Easter bunnies, that house that glows red at night, inter-dimensional mongooses, the occasional entrance to Hell by the seesaws, Cthulhu spawn, possessed squirrels, and of course, that family down the block whose kid dresses in all black. Only Kash — a foul mouthed, alcoholic, short tempered, womanizing low-life — can save Rhueberry from the legions of Hell. He’s the best… and the worst. But he gets the job done.

Format Clear
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