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The Palm Evolution #2

J.A. Rosales, Ian Bunn, Roman Zale

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 28

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In a South Texas town people are skeptical about TV News reports regarding the recent events of animal mutilations. As our society likes to label things we do not understand, we fearfully explain unknown mysteries with inconclusive media report. Some of the wicked actions committed by the Palm have been wrongfully credited to the Mexican folklore sensation , el chupacabras. “The Palm” is a series following the birth of an evil creature from its time of inception, to its blood thirsty rampage through the small town of Alice, Texas. In the series, an unlikely hero tells his story, Virgil Torrez takes on the mission to unveil the mystery behind the hideous blood sucking monster to prove his sanity. It will change the way you view palm trees forever.



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