The Original Vindicators


Rod Williams, James Harren, Leonardo M. Giron

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

What It's About

Badge of Courage – Have the Vindicators turned against their leader, Vector? It seems so. And his badge, with all the Vindicator most vital secrets encoded in it , appears to be the reason why. Can Vector survive against all the Vindicators at once? Find out in ‘Badge of Courage’ Issue #0 of the Original Vindicators introduces you to the world of earth’s most powerful defenders with the complete Badge of Courage story, pin-ups, bios, and more!! The Original Vindicators #0 introduces you the world of earth’s mightiest protectors with a full length story, pin-ups, bios, and more!

10,000 years ago a strange alien visited our planet and created a race of super humans. They walked the earth like gods until they grew too powerful and their creator struck them down. Now earth faces the ultimate threat from beyond the stars. Our only hope are the descendants of those super humans created so long ago… Vector, Zepher, Shatter, Preylord, and Nox …The Original Vindicators!

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