The Official Handbook Of The Deviation Nation #1

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Eric N. Bennett, Various

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 44

What It's About

The deviantArt community is filled with original characters of all kinds. In this first issue of a 3-issue limited series you’;ll find profiles for a small sampling of those characters formatted in the grand tradition of other reference guides. Learn the backgrounds, powers and abilities of such dA famous characters as Agent 42X! Animal Boy! Centauri! and the mighty First Guard! among many others.

A series of reference guides for the many and diverse original characters who make the deviantArt community their home.

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1 review for The Official Handbook Of The Deviation Nation #1

  1. diego.892009 (verified owner)

    I just love this kind of books no matter the publisher, so what can i say? Leave your comfort zone and just buy it. there are many cool characters here with some art that is better than most mainstream comics from the big 3.

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