The Mugwump Corporation #1


Marybeth Callen has always been a loner. Isolated in her apartment, she takes refuge in escaping into books. But she desperately wants a friend.

Patrick King, Yeshua Makkonnen

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

Today, that friend will find her and transform her into a monster and a cannibal – something that Marybeth never knew she wanted, or maybe even needed. The nightmare begins here as two realities combine to form a terrible dream that no one can wake up from.

Surreal horror awaits as strange beings rip through dimensions, causing humans to mutate into interdimensional monsters and feed on each other. A nightmare reality awaits as the creatures reshape our world into a terror-vision of mutant dystopia. The Mugwump Corporation, a high-tech virtual reality company could be responsible for it all, or they might be humanity’s last hope. Technology and the supernatural combine in this dystopian comic series that explores how far the mind can bend before it breaks.

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