The Maroon Vol. 1


The Cursed Shadow

Declared a threat to society, a lone Black Seminole navigates 1850 America, avoiding fierce lawmen, fiendish bounty hunters, all while contending with supernatural forces and mythical creatures as he tries to reach safe haven. But things are never so simple, and the Maroon discovers that his past may be his biggest adversary, looming with each step he makes!

Derek W. Lipscomb

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 172

What It's About

A lone nameless Black Seminole, on the run from the law for an atrocity that was pinned on him, searches for sanctuary. He not only encounters fiendish men and women but historical and mythical figures as well as the supernatural! The Maroon is in the tradition of classic American Folklore, but with a modern mature spin. It’s American Folklore remixed!

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