The Julius Nova Project Half Chapter

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Gasoline is a relic of a far-gone age, and giant defensive walls were erected around countries who could afford them. However, there were the few who lacked the industry to built such massive defenses, such as the rural country of Pannonia. Midori Skye is one such denizen of Pannonia, living her days in comfort in the small town of Rachdale. On a day similar to any other, Midori’s friend, Cherri, tells her of an exciting rumor making the rounds amongst the townspeople. There was someone new in town who didn’t belong, and according to sources, they have stark red eyes. Could this intruder be a Nova, a member of a slowly dying race? Seeing this as a rare opportunity, Midori and Cherri decide to investigate the area they were last seen in. Perhaps the Nova was seeking shelter from the Novi bounty? Little did they know of the baggage this stranger was bringing along with them.

Devan Surrarrer, Ricardo Vazquez

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 28

What It's About

Gasoline has become a rare commodity and aircraft are a thing of the past. Tensions are high as most countries close their borders and erect giant concrete walls to protect themselves, that is if they can afford to. Pannonia is one of these nations, being but a humble agricultural nation. When a particular Nova, a member of a dying race, suddenly appeared in Pannonia, the entirety of the Ichrian’s military might launched a large scale invasion! They sweep across the nation, pushing back the natives and displacing thousands. The nation of Pannonia has never had an organized military in its entire history, and now must try to fight back against the largest world superpower on their own, or face potential annihilation. The one who will lead them is!… A small town girl who’s never left town her whole life? Along the way, they will encounter bounty hunters, mad demented experiments gone wrong, desert pirates, armored juggernauts, a fortress on tracks, and more as the Pannonian Militia tries to fight off their aggressors.

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1 review for The Julius Nova Project Half Chapter

  1. dly2424 (verified owner)

    This put a smile on my face as i began to read it. Clearly a lot of time and effort went into the design of this.

    Read this from left to right.

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