The Gryphon #1


David Allen Flanary Jr.,Justin Faber,Brian Germain

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24

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What It's About

Jack Griffin is an expert at solving problems, he is quick, smart, strong. But there’s just one problem… He doesn’t know who he is! Join Jack, Sam, Kara, and Sandy as they discover the world as they’ve never known it.

Jack is Called to the town of Seaside looking for a Mysterious Book known only to a few. One of those few is Sam Sherwood a College professor who is translating the pages for a friend but what does the book mean? Only Jack knows the answer to that, it’s funny Jack seems to know alot of things, almost everything, except who he is. Can Jack, Sam, and two college girls stop what looks like the destruction of a city at the hands of an angry monster?

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