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The Fire Brigade #1

Terry “the Warrior” Reece, Chardon Nichols-Branch, Jamaal Branch, THREE STUDIO T.E.A.M.

Magazine Type Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 44

This 1st Issue, of the “SAFETY FAMILY”, featured in The Fire Brigade, is set within a 3 Bedroom Home. IT was written to eventually become a “Video Game”, which Teaches and Educates how to escape a burning situation. By being FUN & Educational, but will also help Save Lives, WE wanted to make it a Children Comics Book 1st. More issues and series to come in the future. Each year, Hundreds/Thousands of Lives are Lost to Needless Fires. Families are Devastated, Homes are destroyed, and Yet, THIS VIDEO Gaming Concept Booklet CAN/WILL Help Save Countless Numbers, of these Blessed, Graceful LIVES, IF ONLY Parents will allow Their Children to “Read it”, “Practice it”, and Eventually “Play-it”; Then “Enjoy IT” themselves, along with Their Children. It breaks my heart, When I watch, hear, see about These DEATHS, which I Know 100%, This Game Concept Booklet WILL help!

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