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The Desert Peach #28

Donna Barr

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 64

“Tongue,” it’s nearly a year after the end of World War Two. The Peach, stumbling in rags across a broken, burnt-out Europe, desperately hopes Rosen may still be alive. He cuts himself off from his family to find the man of his life. Befriended by a rubble-wise German orphan, he manages to survive a very cold time. Will he find the man who makes his heart warm, or die in the cold with the starving child who is still trying to make them both go home? “Donna Barr shows herself to be one of the heralds of the forthcoming age — doing her comicbook in such a way as to satisfy her own insight, awareness and inspiration.” — Dave Sim, Cerebus. “Love, Honor, Death and Tea” – the perfect description for the life of The Desert Peach, the Desert Fox’s younger, gay brother. Based on the stranger – but too often true – side of World War Two, this classic series has changed lives, scrambled minds, and inspired peers for two generations.



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