The Darkling #1


From the dimly lit streets of night-time London to the treacherous forests of Transylvania, The Darkling is a whirlwind tour of the nightly activities of Vampires in all their forms!

Chris J. Powers

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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What It's About

Follow the zany misadventures of The Darkling, a 21 year old blue-skinned Vampiress as she crosses paths with ShadowVamps, mad scientists, Anti-Cthulhu’s, Fashion-Conscious Vampire-Slayin’ Teenage Ninja-Girls, superhero Vampires, Frankenstein monsters, werewolves, albino Ice-Vamps and the dreaded lord of the undead himself, COUNT DRACULA! It’s “Bridget Jones” meets “Interview With The Vampire” in this madcap fantasy comedy drama!
Format Clear
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