The Dark Nebula Nightmares & Deceptions


Tad Pietrzykowski, Glenn Lumsden, Shea Anton Pensa

Standard Sized Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 64

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Born of woman, reborn of Death and tempered in the fires of realms beyond mortal comprehension. A champion of life with power beyond description, hosting the spirit of a dormant, vengeful alien warlord, Mark Medula is the Dynamic Dark Nebula! In this, the second collected volume of The Dark Nebula, Mark Medula discovers his new-found celebrity status has many demands that he couldn’t have possibly anticipated. Everyone wants their own slice of The Dark Nebula – on their own terms and to suit their own agendas. Meanwhile the inner war with Cerellus continues to wear away at Mark’s very sanity. While the life of a hero is often defined by their challenges and adversaries it appears that The Dark Nebula’s career as Australia’s super-sensation may well be over before it’s barely begun. Or is it?

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