The Colodin Project #6



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Full Color
Page Count: 36

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“The Colodin Project” is a film-noir take on a steampunk universe, unraveling the mystery of a visitor from a strange and distant land, where the gifted are honored and praised, and the common are forgotten…

Gunfire rings out in the night. The thumping of helicopter blades. The chatter of a police radio. On the news, the camera steadies a shaky camera on a figure in a blue cape leaping rooftops, a trail of diamonds dripping from his satchel. Six weeks after the Viking Funeral, a lost thief is still stranded in our world. But he is about to discover that he’s not alone, here. He never was. The first part of an all new volume, This issue dives into the criminal mind of Quinn Valrite, where nothing is ever simple, and everything’s always grey.

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