The Charlton Arrow #3


Jim Aparo, Mark Arnold, Pat Boyette, Sandy Carruthers, Jason Caskey, Joe Gill, Jack Keller, Paul Kupperberg, Roger McKenzie, Andrew Mitchell, Dave Noe, Steve Skeates, Mort Todd, Neil Vokes, Larry Wilson

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Full Color
Page Count: 48

What It's About

Celebrating 70 Years of Charlton! VENGEANCE SQUAD in “A MURDER OF CROWS!” by Jason Caskey and Sandy Carruthers The famed mercenary team, composed of Eric Redd, Candy Orr and Tulsa Coyle, returns, facing a savage biker gang trafficking in young girls. Going undercover, they get vengeance the only way they know how… with extreme violence! HOSPITAL HEAT: CHAPTER TWO by Larry Wilson and Mort Todd Westingberg Hospital is full of colorful personalities, including the doctors, nurses and staff, along with their patients… and full of flaming passion as well! Adultery spins a web with dangerous strands of repercussion as Dr. Brick Martin and Dr. Ed Benson must pay high prices for their indiscretions, while they hold the fates of many of their circle in their hands! THE GOLDEN PYRAMID by Joe Gill and Pat Boyette In the previous chapter, a mad, modern day Pharaoh, Chufru, goes on an international rampage stealing the world’s gold deposits to build a monumental golden pyramid to honor himself. Ambassador Christopher Smith attempts to stop him, only to have his secretary Nora kidnapped and his Peace Palace destroyed by Chufru’s minions. Can Smith defeat the gold-loving psycho and safely rescue Nora? An unpublished Charlton classic! ALL MONKEED UP! by Steve Skeates and Jim Aparo Along with comics, Charlton published many other magazines, notably those dedicated to the music scene, like Hit Parader. Scribe Stephen Skeates reminisces about the company’s plan to run a comic series featuring The Monkees in Teen Tunes and Pin-Ups magazine. Sadly, after a few issues, they lost the rights to rival publisher Dell Comics. Includes Miss Bikini Luv and the Pre-Fab Four! TURIS TRAP by Paul Kupperberg and Neil Vokes Writer Paul Kupperberg is perhaps the most controversial and notorious comics writer ever as he received worldwide infamy for killing America’s favorite former teenager, Archie Andrews. Before his award-winning career, spanning the top comic companies, Paul had his first professional sale to Charlton with a tale entitled “Distress” in Scary Tales #3. Here, now, is the sensational sequel to that sword-and-sorcerous epic! THAT’S NOT FUNNY, THAT’S SICK! by Mark Arnold You’ve heard of Mad magazine, maybe even Cracked… well, you probably never heard of Sick! Even though it had a long run with some great creators, this humor magazine was on its last legs when acquired by Charlton Publications. This post-mortem is courtesy of the author of the definitive tome If You’re Cracked, You’re Happy! NEVER HITCH A RIDE by Jack Keller Last issue Clint Curtis narrowly avoided a near-fatal collision! Now in the hi-octane conclusion, after he sips a drugged drink, he finds himself set up as a patsy! Written and drawn by ace artist Jack Keller, from Hot Rods and Racing Cars #89 (February 1968). A special preview of the Classic Hot Rods and Racing Car Comics now available from ACE Comics! WALLBREAKER by Dave Noe and Andrew Mitchell Winnie the Witch and Dr. Graves interact with the title character in this shocker! THE SPOOKMAN by Roger McKenzie and Sandy Carruthers Detective Mastrocelli’s existence was irrevocably altered one dark eve many years ago… the night an entity known as Spookman seeped from the sinister shadows and into his life. Now all may be over as the demon returns seeking revenge… and the source of his extraordinary power, a mysterious amulet. An intense turning point in the series!

Though never as popular as DC, Marvel or even Archie, Charlton Comics had a long run from 1944 to 1985 and also produced a line of successful publications like Hit Parader. They didn’t spawn the superhero icons other publishers did but released a variety of titles that have become beloved by millions. They were fortunate to employ an array of legendary writers and artists who displayed a creative passion in the Charlton titles more than with other publishers, where they received more pay and fame. When Charlton closed shop, they sold off most of their properties, with many left to languish in limbo. If anything, appreciation of their comics has grown over the years, with fan publications, such as Charlton Spotlight, dedicated to their memory. THE CHARLTON ARROW is the fruits of those labors and we hope it properly honors the Charlton legacy!

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